Product Design

A collaborative app for social impact initiatives.

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A mockup of the Pling App screens.

A collaborative app for social impact initiatives that connects them with individuals, helping them find like-minded people and overcome volunteering challenges.

Design approach

We followed the design thinking process to develop this project, identifying the problem and finding a solution. It’s worth mentioning that we embraced a Lean design mindset in our design approach. This greatly helped us in quickly building an MVP of the product and testing it, allowing us to iterate based on feedback. This mindset also enabled us to focus on addressing the problem rather than committing to a single solution.


of the global population has actively participated in volunteering efforts. (According to the United Nations)

Our investigation question:

How con we develop an effective strategy to cultivate a widespread sense of solidarity and promote volunteerism as a common practice in people’s lives? What kind of solution we should develop to inspire and encourage greater engagement in acts of altruism?

Let’s Design!!


This project is the result of an incredible teamwork. Thank you so much to Priscila Orozco, Regina Villacis, and Guillermina Umpiérrez. Amazing designers and friends <3