About me

Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my portfolio and imaginary.

The base of my work is design and communication, along with creativity and persuasion in the new digital age. My work and academic experiences have allowed me to understand design and communication not just as a goal to reach, but as a tool to create new and revolutionary experiences, as well as positive change. I'm a person driven by curiosity and desire for improvement, who is interested in where the physical and digital worlds meet and how real experiences inform and bring digital spaces to life.

My roots have greatly influenced the person I have become today. The sea has been my safe space since I was very young, and the forest a place to escape to. A great source of inspiration for me has always been the way humans and nature relate to each other. I especially like to surround myself with simple things and nice people.

Since childhood, I have been a good listener and communicator. I have always been interested in my surroundings, and so I want my work to be beneficial to people, both functionally and emotionally. My dream is to turn my passion into work, because I strongly believe that every work of passion speaks louder.